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An Irish romantic break takes some beating. The Irish have a well deserved reputation for hospitality & the combination of the warm welcome, great food, luxurious hotels & celtic mysticism is irresistible .

In Galway & the West of Ireland, there are many lovely hotels in beautiful locations that provide a feast of romantic break opportunities.

Kerry is another beautiful county with the Lakes of Killarney & the famous Ring providing perfect settings for your Irish Romantic break. Don't miss the beautiful seafood in the famous fish restaurants of Kenmare.

Heading east, Cork is not far down the road with its vibrant city life & great history. With beautiful country west of cork you have a plethora of locations for that Romantic interlude.

Then up to the Cosmopolitan Capital for another romantic break where you can choose so that your beloved is close to the shopping opportunities in Grafton Sreet. Another special treat, not to be missed, is the Dublin Literary Pub Crawl. Its really great fun, two 'resting' actors introduce Dublin writers and perform scenes from the work of Brendan Behan, Oscar Wilde, Samuel Beckett & James Joyce in pubs formerly frequented by the writers themselves.

Whisk your loved one away for a romantic break for St. Valentine's Day. It is all above ove and romance and this is your chance to pull out all the stops.

If your relationship is in its early days and you want to move it on to a higher plane then a romantic break is just the job.

You may be in a settled relationship and want to show your appreciation of the relationship so take her away for some quality time together with a romantic break in the Lakes , Yorkshire Dales or Ireland.

You may feel your relationship is being taken for granted and needs some excitement so excite it with a romantic break in Paris, the city of love.

You may have your family reared and would like to keep the flames of romance kindled so the gift of a romantic break for St. Valentine's Day will certainly fan the flames of love. There will be a new sense of energy and excitement - a designer romantic St. Valentine's Day break for just the two of you!

Most relationships, after the initial fire, tend to settle down. There is no need for this to be the case if you choose the right gift for Valentines Day..a romantic break! Re-light the fire with a romantic break- just the two of you! No children, no friends, no relatives just the two of you as in your early days.

That feeling of belonging and affection which can only be experienced needs to be tended and nourished every year with a romantic St. Valentine's Day break.

Take time to plan your St Valentine's Day romantic break. Build your next St. Valentine's Day romantic break around your loved one preferences not your own! Next year is your year!

It is the small things that matter most when it comes to romance & achieving that perfect romantic break.

Some of the optimum 'ingredients' for your next Valentine's Day romantic break are obvious. But success is all about doing simple things well. So here is a check list

  • Scented Candles
  • Sunsets
  • Low lights
  • The colour red
  • Flowers
  • Chocolates
  • Background music
  • The stars ..sounds corny but it works!
  • The moon
  • Dinners a deux
  • Champagne
  • Wine
  • Togetherness ( nobody else!)
  • Your undivided attention
  • Flair & Style - Wear your best most flambouyant evening gown, jewellery, tuxedo, bow tie or cravat, handkerchief in your breast pocket
  • Romantic Flourishes (such as kissing your beloved's hand before sitting down to dinner
  • Old World courtesies
  • Theatre/Ballet
  • Rest & Relaxation

A golden rule for your St. Valentine's Day romantic break is to give a wide berth to anything practical!!! Practicality is the death-knell of romance! In other words on your romantic break don't suggest shopping for a new hoover !

Plan what you want to achieve from this St. Valentine's Day romantic break.

Plan everything down to last detail. Many a romantic tryst has been ruined by bad planning (poor accomodation, bad food, noise etc)

From your Valentine's Day romantic break you will want to generate adventure, intimacy, excitement ,mystery and romance. You want your lover to remember with vivid clarity why they fell in love with you in the first place. You want them to look around, compare and contrast and feel they are the luckiest person alive to have found you.

The big and exciting question now is WHERE and WHAT KIND of St. Valentine's Day romantic break .This romantic break needs to achieve all of your aims. The choice is vast, whittle it down to personal likes to suit your partner & youself. The choices can be narrowed down from the following:

•  Romantic Hotel near chosen restaurant

•  Romantic break in Paris

•  Intimate Inn in the snow

•  Georgeous Irish Hotel

•  Country Cottages in an idyllic setting

•  Mini-Cruise to romantic Isle of Capri

•  Activity breaks - sailing, windsurfing, horse-riding, golfing, etc.

•  Romeo & Juliet in Stratford

•  Romantic Break on the Orient Express.

Go online to find the perfect romantic break for your Valentine this Valentines Day !

The gift of a romantic break for St. Valentine's Day will show beyond a doubt, that you appreciate the wonder of having found your beloved Valentine.

Checkout these stunning romantic breaks:
Swinton Park ( Yorkshire Dales)
Blenheim Lodge ( The Lakes )



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