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Why not use a special letterhead to write to your loved one on St Valentine's Day? St Valentine's Day Letterheads will convey the sentiment and romance of the special day. You can either design your own letterhead or take advantage of the many beautiful and creative designs available in shops and over the internet.

If you decide to design your own St Valentine's Day letterhead, there are wonderful

computer generated musical motifs which can be used via outlook and outlook express on your computer. If you are of a more artistic nature, you could design your St Valentine's Letterhead by hand using your own art materials.

You can also decorate envelopes to accompany the correspondence with the same letterhead design. The letterhead design can be continued down the edges of the paper to give borders matching the letterhead.

You don't have to restrict your St. Valentine's Day letterhead to letters. You can use it for a party invitation if you are having a St Valentine's Day party or you could make the letterheads up with envelopes to give as a gift and your loved one can then use them for correspondence.

Here are some motifs to help you design your own St Valentine's Day Letterhead:

Animlas (especially bears), Flowers (especially red roses), Chocolates, Hearts, Cupids & Arrows, Balloons, Victorian Themes, Champagne & Bubbles, Lovebirds, A personal photo of your loved one, Candy, Lace Designs, Peace motifs (e.g. water scene denoting pool of enchantment), Butterflies, A lingering Kiss Scene, Jewellery with love charms, Rainbows, Angels or Romantic Couples.

You may wish to opt for a more humourous approach and use cartoon characters on your St. Valentine's Day Letterhead .e.g. characters like Mickey or Minnie Mouse, the Disney Princesses, Tinkerbell, Goofy, Dwarfs, Dalmations, Tweety Bird or Winnie the Pooh.

Whatever your choice, St Valentine's Day Letterheads will make the day even more special.




Send your Valentines Day Letterheads to us & we will credit you with them !




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