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Lovers & St Valentine's Day have long been associated. History is rich with stories as to how Valentine's day started . Here are some of these Valentine stories.

Valentine was a priest living in Rome in the days of Emperor Claudius II (2nd century AD). Claudius prohibited the marriage of young people as it was believed that unmarried soldiers fought better !

St Valentine ignored the edict, secretly marrying the Christian couples.

Valentine was beheaded in 269 AD. Valentine had previously healed the daughter of Asterius . Valentine last words were written in a note to her saying 'from your Valentine'.

Hence the tradition of signing valentines cards 'from your valentine'.

St Valentine became the patron saint of lovers due to this support of romantic couples.

Pope Gelasius in 496 AD honoured Valentine with sainthood. St. Valentine Day was the new name for the pagan Lupercalia fertility celebrations of 14 February. During this formerly pagan ceremony, the matching of young women & men became known as Saint Valentine's Day .

St. Valentine's association with love and romance comes also from the Roman god Cupid & Eros in Greek mythology also associated with fertility.

This is reflected in St Valentines Day celebrations. Indeed, Cupid with his little bow & arrow adorns many St Valentines Day cards. Eros was the young son of Aphrodite, the goddess of love and beauty.

In medieval England even Chaucer (1346-1400) even recorded St Valentines Day in his Parliament of Foules (Modern translation !)

For this was sent on Saint Valentine's day, when

every fool comes there to choose his mate.

Saint Valentine's Day was initially celebrated by sending poems and simple gifts .

The 1600's saw the first St Valentine's Day celebrations in the UK.

By 1750, lovers began to send intimate love letters & gifts to one another on St Valentines Day. Printed Valentines Day cards soon appeared & the new postal service dramatically increased the custom of sending affectionate Valentine's Day greetings.

Now St Valentines Day, often called Valentines Day, is the second biggest card sending occasion after Christmas Day. E-Valentines Day cards, Valentines Day flowers, Valentines chocolates, St Valentines day Champagne, Valentines Day trysts, Valentines Day Romantic breaks, St Valentines Day romantic dinners, Valentines Day perfumes, St Valentines Day jewellery , Valentines Day hampers, Valentines Day Dating & St Valentines Day parties are all part of the modern day St Valentines celebrations.



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