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The gift of Flowers for St. Valentine's Day is as natural an action as night following day. For centuries, flowers have given to express romantic feelings on St. Valentine's Day. Flowers are considered to have their own language – “floriography”. Giving the gift of flowers to your loved one for St Valentine's Day will therefore speak for you to convey all your messages thoughts and feelings in one impactful gesture.

Within the gesture of giving flowers as a present for St Valentine's Day, the procedure can be refined and enhanced to give even more succinct messages than the most obvious ones. There are many many meanings for various flowers but here is a little flower dictionary which might help to give your messages to your loved one when giving flowers as a St. Valentine's Day gift. You could attach a little note with their meanings to make sure you are understood.

  • Roses -love,
  • Lily's - beauty,
  • Asters - fidelity
  • Azaleas - passion
  • Baby's breath - innocence and purity of heart
  • Bird of Paradise (these are often given from a woman to man) - faithfulness)
  • Bluebells -humility, constancy and gratitude
  • Daffodils – chivalry
  • Ox-Eye Daisies (Marguerites) – patience
  • Delphiniums –fun
  • Freesias - trust
  • Gardenias – refinement
  • Hyacinths – sorry, please forgive me
  • Orchids – beauty and love

So as you can see, the flowers sent to your loved one as a St Valentine's Day gift will say one or many things for you. Depending on what your relationship is with the person to whom you are sending the flowers as a gift for St. Valentine's Day, will hang the decision on what you want the flowers to say. You may find it difficult to express your true feelings verbally. So try saying " I love you” with Valentines Day flowers ! Instead of struggling to put pen to paper, composing a song or writing poetry if you are talented enough, you can chose the much easier option of the age-old custom and simply send flowers as a gift for St. Valentine's Day. Speak the “ Language of Flowers” and bring finesse into your romance for St. Valentine's Day, with the effects lasting throughout the year.

The most popular flower to be given as a gift for St. Valentine's Day is of course, the Rose. A very interesting statistic is that around 90% of flowers given as gifts for St. Valentine's Day are given by men. However, the 5% of flowers given as gifts for St. Valentine's Day by women is growing. Although men traditionally are the main givers of flowers as gifts for St. Valentine's Day, women might like to take note that surveys reveal most men have the secret desire to be pampered with flowers by their sweethearts. Men seem to like crisp sharp colors like red, orange and yellow.

The most fascinating statistic of all is that worldwide, over 50 million roses are given as a gift for St. Valentine's Day. That says a lot about the language of flowers. Although different flowers convey different meanings, the rose is attributed with different meanings depending on its colour. You could confine your selection to roses and still convey different messages. e.g.

Red Roses - Love and Passion
White Roses – Love and Purity

Yellow Roses – Friendship and Joy
Pink Roses – Admiration

Peach Roses - Desire

Lilac Roses - Love at first sight

Coral Roses - Desire
Orange Roses - Enthusiasm

Black Roses - Farewell

You are now well armed to send the most romantic and appropriate flowers as a gift to your beloved on St. Valentine's Day.


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